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The Logo of Jiangsu Nantong No. 2 Construction Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd is made of abbreviated English name of the Corporation N2CE.
The shape of the logo is developed from N2CE, N evolved into two towers, one relatively taller and the other shorter, which represents the characteristics of the construction industry. The two diamonds between the two buildings embodied the number 2, which has made the logo rich in variations.

Letters CE form the Chinese style eave, vividly expressed the Chinese style of Nantong No. 2 Construction Group, and potentially expressed the capability of the corporation for both modern and classical buildings.

The standard colors of the logo are blue and orange, similarly elaborated such a scene: both mystical and simple, light and steady, which conformed to aesthetics of architecture.

The Logo is made of many factors, and very solid and vivid, the characteristics of construction industry have been clearly expressed, and easy to distinguish from logos of other companies in the same industry.